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What is LEGACY and what it can do for you?

Not a member of Legacy, are you kidding me!  “What are you waiting for?”, “If not now then when”?  Just go to  Legacyis4u.com  and make this right, if not for you, for your loved ones.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, has reminded us how precious but fragile life is.  Take action, covid or not life is finite. Be ready, get a WILL and keep things current in real time with LEGACY.  Don’t waist another minute go to www.legacyis4u.com and become a member.

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Legacy keeps track of all your assets in real time.  Find piece of mind by knowing what and where every asset is.

The moment you acquire new Assets you can list them in Legacy, as long as you have a smartphone and internet connection.

Legacy also provides for all of your Asset information to become available to someone you designate, a Designated Survivor.  You give specific instructions on how all your information is to be handled (who ultimately gets it).

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Legacy is for those who want to insure that all their Assets are going to the person or persons that they are intended and not go unclaimed.

It doesn’t matter how much or how little you have.  What matters is who is going to get it.  Many times items are difficult if not impossible to locate and people just give up trying.

If the Asset list is kept up to date everything can be located.  Get your list current!

New purchases grab your smartphone login to your account and list it…..now!!

Sell a house or car, login to your account and remove it….now!!

This will help provide piece of mind, keeping Assets current in real time.

As an added bonus, if you ever have to make an insurance claim because of fire, theft or natural disaster, you have an itemized list of all your assets with details if you included details when listing your assets.

Legacy is needed to insure that your Assets don’t go to waste.  That those you care enough about to leave something can find what you left them.  Family fortunes get lost because a person dies, taxes are not paid and properties are sold at auction and are gone forever.  Who wants that!

People are mobile, they may have properties or stock options in different states or countries.  People buy and sell on a regular basis but a WILL is only updated from time to time and mostly forgotten unless something tragic happens, and it might be too late then.

This is a sad subject but it does not have to have a sad ending, let’s get to the happy ending!

Legacy can help you get there.

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